Tuesday, March 31, 2009

30 on 30 : Gift a Smile

I have been quite busy lately and have deadlines catching up on me... hence been away :)

In the mean while a WONDERFUL INITIATIVE has been taken up by a Blog friend, :) soon to be turning 30 a.k.a 'Prashant Bhardwaj' : Om

So wanted to let my visitors know about the same.

It's simple.
Buy a moment that you can relate to in just $25 and give a child a life, a smile..
To Find out more... do click here ...

My best wishes for the effort. I have a feeling it will raise way more than you have set the target... :) Posted by Picasa


Monday, March 23, 2009


Oflate I have more questions than answers hence a blurred vision ...

hope this passes over with the least damage... !
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zindagi !!


I was looking up for Round Lake..when it seemed that this shot represents life in summary; Red line, Yellow line, Blue line criss crossing each other at different points and places; or taking you into or out of life...with a FUN PASS :) and not just to commute !!

I think I really liked this shot... Don't remember what I had in mind when I clicked it... but abhii toh yeh pura.. perfecto shot hai :)


I had posted this shot earlier in a diff context 'here'

Holi-day time...


Spring break just passed by and I could not gather many fun or travel moments !! Hence recharging myself with by gone days :)

Coronado Beach, San Diego, Jan 2009
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Theory of Relativity in USE again

Good and Bad;
Fun and Boring;
IS so relative!

We watched 'Masakali' this weekend, and I thought 'Gajhni' was a great movie !!

Cheer's to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Everything in life makes perfect sense with it.

From the Jackson Square in Chicago. Wonder how my next trip to Chicago will be?
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

US Foreign policy and Emigration issue !!


My morning started today by talking about visiting NE again :) Thanks to Kshitiz,
followed by more news articles that I was/am sure of happenning sooner than I have thought of...

To my US friends here, incase you have missed.. here is the link to the articles on

America's loss and Worlds Gain
Business Week


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Monday, March 2, 2009

Pehechaan Kaun ?


Am very happy today for all the surprises ...and randomness... :) So the small small things that happened -
1. Went for paying the internet bill, but ended up a buying scent :) ($5.00)
2. Went for groceries, which I hate, and amrita got me choclates, :)
3. Came to school, saw a lovely note from mical and waffer, :), :D, we don't get to meet much after she got engaged, I was missing and remembering her and I come to office to find her note :) HOW NICE CAN THAT BE :)? I am really really blessed
4. Another surprise note from Silvia, she is visiting from Portugal. She was a significant part of grad school fun :)
5. Was missing Shyam and about to call him, when he pings me, :). He is in India, still manages time with shamu around to remember me when I remember him, CAN IT GET any better ? I guess NO :)
6. Trip's pings, and we start our usual chatpata talks :)

Today IS a nice day, Either I woke up to something nice, or I slept yesterday to something nice :)

The snap and the post are not related. I choose it that way as randomness makes more sense than boring usual daily chores. It gives and leaves room for surprises and reason to be happy with small small things. I absolutely LOVE surprises. My friends and family knows about 'surprise' track records :) Anyway so that's my 2 cents on randomness and me :) and my celebration of surprises :). Thanks Guys.

On the shot - From old memory lane, this was during my mama's wedding. My little bro, rawnie, discoverd it this time at grandma's place. I was totally into bollywood those days, :). Any guess on who I am trying to imitate :). Me, Rawnie, Trips, Madan, Shyama, ALL had a laugh of our time when I sent this shot to them :) "NAUTANKI Professionalized"

Anyway, so you guys enjoy while I start work.

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