Monday, February 16, 2009

Ice Wine

I fell in love with the bottle first, then the wine..
Made every body drink it too :)
Over age , under age, middle age :)

"A Canadian Dessert Wine" - check it out, people with a sweet tooth..
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Friday, February 13, 2009

I am 'Bond' ....Mutual Bond

Over years the only word that I have gathered more understanding on, is 'Mutual' be it : investment, returns, or policy related to life, money, funny or honey :)

C.H.E.E.R.S - 'have a nice V- day'

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


'Majhi Re' (my latest obsession) from Bong Connection(2006) Posted by Picasa

Here's the song

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wave Rider - What I can, I must !


Stop Complaining... and do what I can ...
A reminder to myself..

Was happy to see Rehman's Comment on Slumdog Millionaire, and know about his foundation helping underprivileged kids...
Here is the 'Link' for those who might have missed it

Nice to see a positive and happy 'Headline' in the midst of Ram Lila drama happening in so called Modern India!!! I wonder if we are progressing forward or have taken a vow to become 'Chimps' again.. but I guess chimps were better than what we are heading for !!!

Enough of lecture.. let me just remember that I belong to the India that Rehman belongs to.. rest..jai Tel Lene !!
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Black Beauty

One of those people.. whom I can tell 'I need you in my life'; I can demand 'Get me this'; I can 'Fall Back' on anytime; I can tell 'all my dumbest and stupidest acts'; I can just be 'Me'; I can share my deepest worries, insecurities and silliest concerns..... :)

This is "Tripti" a member of my 'Hall of Fame'; A relationship that started on the most 'Shakiest' ground; Someone who just happens to be there... and I did not even realize, how and when?; Someone who is stuck with me forever in her life :), now

It's one of the most beautiful friendship I cherish in my life; and has time and again confirmed that nothing but transparency, absolute honesty, consistency and mutual respect is all you need to build any relationship...and I CAN BET that friendship/relationships started on these grounds will never run out of gasoline irrespective of any crisis in your or their life; no matter where you are; or whom you are with....They just happen to stay in your life forever..and am blessed to have such people in my life..Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 2, 2009

Truely Yours !

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Dealing with someone who is as stubborn as you are can be problematic today. Your feelings are intense and if you know that you're right, they can get in the way of an amicable discussion. Don't let a petty disagreement explode into an outright fight for survival. It's not necessary to force a resolution. Just acknowledge your emotions and listen carefully to what the other person has to say. You will have another chance to seek common ground after everyone has time to cool off......

So true, for the Scorpio in Me :( !!!

But I haven't had an argument with anybody over past three months !!! Phir Aisa kyon :(( ?????

On a lighter note, anybody else wants a animal tattoo :) or take a chance with my heena designs?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


My roomate had an assignment for her 'Interior Designing' class to design a cellotape holder, which should be different, unique and creative enough such that people will be interested in buying it!!

That very day 'Utku' came into may family and 'Camelotape' was the obvious choice :) ...
Any buyer's here ?

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