Thursday, November 27, 2008


Do visit this link on IBN and pour out your heart! I poured mine too but its yet to be published! Who knows if they would publish it either! I was very straight and blunt! Unfortunately I did not save it. I will make an attempt to rewrite it here ! Anyway you guys give it a try. May be they will hear you! Here is the link before you move on to what I think I can do ! This is a real link, not just a blog and people are writing !! Do leave your thoughts there! Who knows we might be able to initiate a change!!

What Can you do to change the situation in India?

s I watch the 24 hr live update on CNN on the worst terrorist attack I wonder what can I do to change things from where it is today ?

As a normal helpless citizen I feel I can boycott the upcoming elections! LET all the citizens OF India take a stand OF NOT participating in this election at all as we don't believe the people running the election and we do not have the faith in their system (atleast I don't)!!

Can we the middle class, the high class, the educated, the one effected, the unaffected do something like this !!!



Is this possible? Can we make this happen? How would the economy get effected with this? Am sure it would be BUT its not doing better anyway !!!

ATLEAST this would ensure we have a reliable and capable team to take the nation forward! Seal all the borders be it west coast, east coast or north east !! With all the available technologies and advanced satellite monitoring system I cannot believe and get convinced that the borders cannot be monitored 24- 7, manned or unmanned!

May be am talking irrational, may be am talking bullshit BUT I do not see a hope other than NOT taking this bullshit anymore !! May be its dramatic BUT WE NEED something more active than being passive followers of such atrocities..

Indian life is cheap, that's why any body and come and do whatever they want !! I DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE ANY MORE SECURITY OFFICIALS (senior or juniors)! No doubt that that army, NSG and the paramilitary forces have done and are still doing a great job inspite of the lack of clear maps and instruction (as the media mentioned) BUT I DO NOT WANT the present to repeat again in two months TIME !!! My brain is bombarding with ideas on how I could use science and technology to have a better monitoring system, incase they haven't thought about it already!. We have the best brains, best Technology yet we have fail ed repeatedly ONLY due to our system! We are too passive. We are scared to take a stand, We are willing to forget things easily. We just blame and do nothing! WHY? WHY CAN'T WE TAKE PRIDE IN OURSELEVES and STRIKE BACK HARD? Why?

Tomorrow people will forget what happend in Mumbai and the TAJ will become a tourist spot to witness the marks left by the terrorist!!! I do not want to be an exhibition to the world anymore !!

I wish we/I can get hold of the media to get people to their senses and do something about this ! The media is the most powerful tool to bring change in a society! I think we the citizens of India, in India or abroad should take a call on this !!

I don't know may be am just taking my frustration out !! But I really wish and want 'us' not to forget what is happening in India!

I don't even know if I have anyone buying this idea, or doing something about it !!!


I DON'T KNOW!! AM SURE IT WILL COME UP, IN TIME IF PEOPLE WANT A CHANGE !!! I just do not want to be a helpless cheap citizen of India where we have no role to play in the democracy or in changing things! BUT I THINK I WANT TO CONVEY MESSAGE TO THE GOVT THAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE BULLSHIT ANYMORE!!

WE are not going to be fucked by our leaders (atleast I don't want to be!) because of their pointless irrational differences and their political agenda of winning majority by harvesting the votes of the poor and deprived!! THIS IS NOT DONE !!!



I am sure and confident that we are capable of coming up with alternatives. Here is already one alternative: Anjuli , Sunrays, Indrani

Do visit this link on IBN and pour out your heart!
What Can you do to change the situation in India?


ChAsMeBaDoOr said...

I dont think that u r taking out ur frustations here in this blog.. Its quiet natural.. evry citizen is reacting the same way.. so m i.. we r all helpless .. It feels as if im handicapped here.. n cant help the sufferers... This wont b the end i blief.. cos history repeats itself.. and as i know people might rise up today in anger but then again tommorow they will carry an "who cares attitude" ... Today's misfortune on Mumbai is r mistake.. i dont blame the terrorists totaly...but then again i m sorry for the loss of innocent lives!!!

Sorry for the long comment but cudnt resist writing aftrreading ur post :)


Babu Bhaskaran said...

Frustration is in everyone today. At least with those who has experienced the city, let alone those who have made it their home. But, don't let this frustration come out and disappear. Keep it inside, too. We are going to need it soon.

B. O'Hemian said...

This democracy headed by oldies is a total failure. All they can do is after each such attack they talk of forming a central intelligence agency to curb terrorism, and then go busy making money. Then after a few months, the cycle continues.

I quite like Shobhaa De's proposal: "Remove all security for the politicians, only then they will wake up".

I can understand your frustration. Believe me, the sentiment is same here among people I have met. I am not against your proposal of boycotting elections. But as you yourself ask: what's the alternative?

I am said...

@thanks Arpita

@Babu - Nope its time to act !! I guess.. or start it!!

@Subhadip - Thanks. Alternative will come up as people really start thinking seriously!! Right now everybody has given up hope !! I was replying to a thread ON IBN 'what can you do to improve the security in India". My brain just shot up while replying to it and I just poured out my heart in there!! BUT DID NOT save that email !! Am waiting to see if they approve it and post.

BUT RIGHT NOW WHAT I have in mind is a 'UNITED INDIA' of young professionals, students, generation, people who do not believe in any religion, region or color. Whose only goal is to take the NATION forward and rescue out of the clutches of these people. WHO DREAM TO CHANGE THE PRESENT state of the country, come what may!!AND WHO DO NOT CARE ABOUT the politicians!!

I wish I can retrieve the message I posted there!!! My thoughts will be more clear BUT if people take a stand a alternative IS bound to evolve!! we are all humans with some brains !!

Anjuli said...

I so wish so too, but dunno how do we clean the system up......its all pervasive, its like blood cancer its spread everywhere....

Manasa said...

Donno how many times this has taken place n how many times it might take place in near future. Its "we" who suffer in daily to day life.

humbl devil said...

well, we can abstain from voting...but then again it still beats the purpose...unqualified people will be elected...people who have only petty caste n religious politics on mind...if you ask me i m fine with a party that is corrupt than with one which foments division among the people based on religion caste or creed...

what is the difference between the latter and these terrorists???
they let a turkish couple go because they were muslims...and here in mumbai people are killing others because they belong to a different state???killing, not just merely beating up..

when we are so flawed from the inside, how can we expect to stand up to external forces which threaten to disrupt our unity???

SunRays said...

It truly is amazing...the day before the tragedy stuck us... in my post ( had commented based on the political posturing in the ongoing electoral campaign.... that ELECTIONS TODAY have become the only CONSTITUTIONALLY SANCTIONED TERROR ATTACK on the Indian Republic.

If i see optimism in this dark times...its that the events after atleast have woken up a lot of us who were indifferent to this politics of irrelevance.

All i say is to harness this needs to spread to the masses to truly bring about a boycotting elections is not an option...its letting them off easily...its like leaving the battleground with a fight.

Anonymous said...

I m boycotting the elections too.
But tell me ne thing - ain't there something like if no one votes the partied can vote among themselevs or something like that?
m not sure- there is i guess

Lakshmi said...

one thing we can do is stop watching inane politicians and celebs talking on TV on this ..and tell the media to shut up and focus on real issues

I am said...

@Veens - I think you may be right! That's why our constitution has big holes! It will be something to check. I will check online, incase you come across something let me know..

@Lakshmi - Well I do not want to underestimate the power of media, they can do definitely do better!!

SunRays said...

Thanks for linking my post...posted a new one which again tries to answer the same questions you have raised here... What we can do?

Cheers and take care!

Ashutosh Didwania said...

I absolutely echo your thoughts but not taking part in the elections would mean even more rigged results. Politicians would have their way with ease and grace. But yes, its true that it doesn't matter which party is in power. They all seem to be the same...simply corrupt, greedy and self-obsessed.

I am said...

@Ashutosh - I agree boycotting elections might not be the right thing to do, but voting these politician's or anybody supporting them is NOT an alternative either !!

So what's the alternative ?

B. O'Hemian said...

You know, the qualities that you listed for leading a Young India, we are probably looking at the entire blogger community in India who fits the bill. But how do we change the system? Answer that practically. Say, I have all the qualities that you are looking for. But can I stand in the elections without getting in to one of the political parties, and not forfeit my deposit?

If you say don't vote, then how do I get in to a situation to lead?

P.S: Not trying to be harsh on your thoughts. Just that, I don't have any answers, only the same questions.

I am said...

@Subhadip - Thanks for your comment again. Don't VOTE is a decision or a stand towards the present politicians and our political parties.

But what about the entire blog community forming their own group and standing for the elections. That we get to stand in the election and not join the present political parties as well.

Can this work? There is a fair chance of this alternative to work ONLY if certain number of this new people from different parts of the country make it to the parliament and have a majority to be able to have a significant say in any decision or bill passed by the govt.

I don't know if this sounds practical to you BUT its workable!

But its like 'WHO WILL BELL THE CAT' ? Either the new people will be shot dead, or they will bribed or brain washes to align themselves with the political parties!

And I think something like this happened with the new group 'BHUMI[]' that was formed few years back!

I don't see them anymore! It's a vicious cycle hence the same Q and NO answers, only blogging!!

PS - no you were not harsh :) how can victims be harsh on each other !!

B. O'Hemian said...

I didn't know this earlier: There is a rule 49-O in the Election Commission of India's election conduct guidelines, which allows a voter to go to the polling station and refrain from voting. Apparently if the number of "did not vote" is sufficiently high, there may be a re-election with new candidates. Trying to find out more. You have any idea about this?

I am said...

this 49-O thing is floating in the email since yesterday..I think ITS true..its there in the rediff news as well.. IF that IS the case then WE HAVE found a path I guess :)

never paid attention to Civics classes in SCHOOL ! I barely passed also I think :( !!

incase u find out something pass it on.. stand for the elections :)

Indrani said...

I can sense you frustration and anger. It is not the oldies who have to step down, it is the uneducated and inexperienced people related to a particular field who has to step down.

btw the latest topic of discussion here now is Rajasthan elections. Mumbai has receded to a corner.