Friday, October 29, 2010

Flowers of Alta

Want to thank the summer that just passed by. It was very colorful, sunny, fun and bright. It came with its own surprises and warmth. A hike in Alta on a beautiful Sunday morning.

"Painted" - Alta, which is soon going to be burried under snow for next 6 months was painted with these flowers during summer.

"A wild flower walk into the mountains"

"Little Red Riding Hood"

"Indian Paint Brush" - my fav. color

"The Rocky outcrop" - whenever I have a garden, I will have this rocky landscape in my mind.

"Yin and Yang"

"Soft and Tender"

I am violet!

Hi Beautiful :) !

"Let's hang out here.. "

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Time!

So, this was my first hike in Salt Lake City. I was planning on meeting a hiking group..but could not find them.. Pondered for a while, whether to go ahead on my own, without any maps or just go back... after some thoughts I choose the former.. and what I gained is at the end of this trip, was awesome :)

I gained altitude pretty fast.. mainly because I think I was scraping or walking on deer/dog trails !

"Transition" - that's the only constant

"First view of the valley from atop"

Opps.. winter is not over!

Now what Do I do? I HAD to turn back...:(( as at the top of the mountain close to Grandeur peak I was in knee deep snow.... though its unlike of me to accept, but I was scared and I was not wearing anything warm!!!

I had gone up on my feet but came down on my butt, just slide down.. with few tumbles here and there..I survived.. with few blue bruises, here and there..

And the best reward was the next shot..Just when I landed down.. I was just relaxing.. taking a break.. soaking myself with the sight infront of me, came three really handsome guys..

In addition, I was introduced to Zumba.. :)

Moral of the story : Always go up on your feet, but come down on your butt. The pain and trouble will always be worth it with few bruises here and there.. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Valley of colors!

Went for a hike couple of days back into one of the canyon's around the city. Witnessed some spectacular display of sunlight and the fall colors.. Memoir's from the hike..

"Moon Rise and the vibrant colors"

"The colorful city around"

"Glowing under sunlight"

"Freckles of color"

"The setting sun across the city and Antelope Island"

"Jesus Christ"

"Red Indian"Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When work is fun!

As October brings a reminder to the end of year 2010, I realized I haven't kept a track of some of the most beautiful moments from this year. I apologize for not updating those moments here, a space that has been a constant companion for all these years in US; that stood by silently during my highs and lows of a 6 years relationship with "my" PhiD.

I feel guilty, as if I forgot a friend! I am sincerely sorry, and I think I am going to make up for it before 31st Dec hits the clock!

Thanks to a friend of mine who during a conversation reminded me, that I have a blog too!

So, here is my first post since this realization.. "When work in fun!"

Yes, I finally did get a job that lets me travel and work in some of the most beautiful places on earth. In this case it is Custer National Forest, Montana visited in August.

The Team Members

We went there for developing a methodology to map and monitor rare landscape elements : "woody draw and deciduous component". This include various deciduous tree species like Aspen, Cottonwood, Birch etc. found along the valley bottoms or mountain slopes.

A typical woody draw and deciduous component within this landscape

"Discussion, Planning and Decision Making" - rule sets to successful complete the project (or progress in life)!

"Remotely sensing" stuff in sometimes helps in getting an insight ahead of time. Here where they (deciduous component) occur and why?

While it was a trip for business, I must it was a beautiful business ! And here are the memories of it...

"Stars on the ground!"

"Sego Lily"

"Who is here?"

'Oh no! some humans again!!! '

"Time for some grub"

"The Beartooth mountain range"

"My first stay in a small US town with 300 people - Tipperary"

"Native Red Cows like Red Indians!"

Me and the Frog (my real "Ginkobiloba")

"Lets get that fella (frog)!"

"When 1 + 1 is more than 2 it's called beautiful "

"Drag queen! "

"What's beautiful stays beautiful : from top or below"

" A real Oil drill in Montana" we saw lots of them..

"Wondering whether to or not to cross the boundary !"

Slims Butte - the landscape

Slims Butte - the history

The ski town called 'Red Lodge' - very colorful and bright but made up of really old buildings.

The Beginning of a travelogue Posted by Picasa

I think this is the end, of all single post shots on this blog. I had started my photoblog many years back under the DP Challenge of "One Picture a day". I think its time to move on to something new, and enjoying the joy of sharing. Thanks to life and some of my blog friends, if they are still around, for being a witness to my journey so far. I hope you enjoy the rest as well.

yours 'bakwaas'