Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is this ?

It is a board game called 'Civilization' where you lend/borrow money (tokens, cards, coins) to different country and trade to expand your civilization. Gives us a very clear insight on why some countries had the most advanced civilization while others failed. I came across a real version of this board game called 'KIVA'. The only difference is, instead of contry it's real people you lend money to run a business. If they successed they repay the loan (you get your money back), they flourish and expand, they get more loans, you reinvest or close your case. Simple. I had heard about it in NPR but never got the time to go through the details until this morning.

I am happy. Now I know friends (from USU) and locals (KIVA) from Africa, my dream continent.

I was disappointed to not find any chapters/projects for India. I hope someone here takes the time to visit their site and gives it a thought. I am counting on Anjuli, Reeta, Humble Devil... or others whom I don't know. Will apprecaite if you can pass this along.

Thanks and Cheer's
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Dumm Dummak Dummak...

With dhol.. dhun and sur = bliss :)
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